Weekly Update #118

Welcome once again to our weekly update blog. This week we’ve got a few unexpected going ons and a few missed deadlines.

First up what we’ve managed this week:

  • The Tyton has had a change or two thanks to some new character art that we’ve had through from Matt our artist. Simon’s done a great job of capturing the character from the art piece.
  • The Ophidia has had some of it’s equipment polished.
  • The Ophidia’s muscles and anatomy has had some details added, along with extra detail on his head.
  • Simon has split the Two Horn into it’s separate pieces and successfully tested the pipeline we were looking at.

So unfortunately I was no where near getting the Ophidia done this week due to simply not having the time to devote to the sculpt (sick children have a tendency to be a bit of a time sink lol). My new deadline for the Ophidia’s completion is about the 14th of July (2 ish weeks from now). On the plus side the Tyton is looking cool and we’ll have some new art to show off for him soon too.


Moving on to our goals for the next week:

  • Finish the Ophidia’s head and muscles
  • Simon to tidy up the Two Horn’s separation technique so that she’s ready to print.
  • The Fortune cards to be finished tweaking in the wiki.
  • The Tyton to get some more detailing done.

And with that we’ve come to the end of another weekly dev blog. Not quite the massive hit list that we had last week but fingers crossed our daughters get better soon and we’ll be able to put some more time into sculpting!

Until next week 🙂



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