Weekly Update #70

We’re back again, continuing to soldier on 🙂 So its been a mixed bag of a week. Some good days of work and some days where I just couldn’t find the time to even turn the laptop on. The good new is: We’ve basically locked down the basic pose for the One Horn and now … More Weekly Update #70

Weekly Update #69

Hello hello and welcome back to our normal Thursday update. I have to say that the last week was a bit a of a write-off with regards to Grimwolden work. But we’ve slowly been getting back on the horse this week and will have some cool update pics ready for the usual Sunday art dump. … More Weekly Update #69

Art Dump #45

On time, on schedule and not failing at blogging this week! We’re back with the Art Dump for the week that was. First up is a continuation of the One Horn Sculpting series. Below you can see my progress. I’ve retopologized all the parts you can see here, though I’m still working on the hand … More Art Dump #45

Art Dump #43

It’s Sunday again which means its time for the weekly Art Dump. On the blog this week we’ll be taking a look at some Isogorean concepts. First up are some initial looks at outfits and hats. At the start I was thinking they should have lots of straight lines to reflect their ridged nature and … More Art Dump #43

Art Dump #42

Another Sunday Art Dump bursts on to the scene. First up this week is the continuation of Cinder faction sketches, however this one got clean up treatment. I’m quite liking the big floppy hats and staff. I think the bison horn-esk top of the staff makes it look quite cool and also slightly cowboy-esk, which … More Art Dump #42

Art Dump #35

In this weeks episode we continue with the weapon concepts and a cheeky sketch of a Wou (or at least Wou-esk). First up are our weapon concepts for the Elder. Getting on in age as he is, his weapons are now mounted into his dual walking sticks. The practicality of reloading them may be a … More Art Dump #35

Art Dump

Back with another dose of the weekly Art Dump. This week I’ve got a small series showing me going from a sketch in my book to a cleaned up and finally coloured (roughly) picture. I’ve also got a few roughs of some concept muskets for the Shrubber. So first up I thought I’d go with … More Art Dump

Art Dump

Apologies to all but I someone how managed to miss a day. I was in Saturday thinking about the art dump and now its Monday and where the heck did Sunday get to? Always seems like there’s never enough time in the day to do everything you want to do. But I digress, who’s here … More Art Dump

Art Dump

This week on the art dump we’ve got some cool weapon concepts and another one of my concepts for extra characters. First up is a continuation of the concept work for One Horn’s weapon. If you remember last week’s Art Dump we only had 3 different variations, and through the week we ended up making … More Art Dump