Weekly Update #83

It’s that time of the week again folks where we bring you the wrap up of the week that was. First up I’ve noticed that I made a small whoops with last week’s weekly update, titled it number 81 but it was actually number 82! Secondly, oh man this learning how to cut up a … More Weekly Update #83

Weekly Update #81

We’re back for another Thursday update. So it was a good week of getting things done but not quite a ‘stick to the plan’ sort of week. What do I mean? Well you see: We decided on which company to go with to get our One Horn test printed and cast. Which then meant we … More Weekly Update #81

Weekly Update #81

We’re back again with the weekly update blog, delving into the week that was. First up, apologises for not getting an Art Dump for last Sunday but the week got the better of us and between Simon and myself we didn’t have anything remotely ready to put up. Secondly, we’re rapidly approaching getting our first … More Weekly Update #81

Weekly Update #77

With another Thursday coming to a close it’s time for the weekly development blog. The past week has been pretty relaxed as far as work goes. Simon has spent some time (in between work and shifting furniture) doing card tweaks and I’ve been taking it slow since I’ve finished the One Horn sculpt and wanted … More Weekly Update #77

Art Dump #52

We’re back with the Art Dump for another week. No fancy pieces of finished art work this week I’m afraid. First up is a small facial study for the One Horn. The reason for it is because I’m trying to decide how to finish off the sculpt and at the moment his head has no … More Art Dump #52

Weekly Update #73

Welcome back to our regular weekly progress update. This week started well for myself and Simon, but with my young daughter coming down with a fever and Simon’s little girl also getting sick it seems it’s not ending on a high note ;p  But as I mentioned we started the week well with much sculpting … More Weekly Update #73

Weekly Update #71

The week is nearly done and it is once again time for the weekly update. So what have we been up to over the last week? The One Horn’s pose is set. The small details have started to fall into place (belt loops added, pouches and satchels in rough positions, etc). Still need to get … More Weekly Update #71

Weekly Update #70

We’re back again, continuing to soldier on 🙂 So its been a mixed bag of a week. Some good days of work and some days where I just couldn’t find the time to even turn the laptop on. The good new is: We’ve basically locked down the basic pose for the One Horn and now … More Weekly Update #70