Art Dump #91

Another Sunday evening Art Dump fresh off the press. First up are two sketches showing some more brainstorming for the equipment on the character back. I like the idea of his back having lots of little parts that will show up well when he’s painted. Currently I’m liking pots, pans and other cooking equipment. As … More Art Dump #91

Art Dump #90

Welcome back to the weekly Art Dump once again. This week we’ve got some work in progress shots from the Ophidia sculpt and our new awesome banner! First up I did a quick silhouette shot of the big guy. The funny thing is his current silhouette is surprisingly close to some of our earliest silhouette … More Art Dump #90

Art Dump #89

It’s Sunday and that means time for our weekly Art Dump. This week we’ve got a mixed back of “art” to show off. It’s not the normal sketches or 3d we usually show here but below is a progress shot of the Two Horn and One Horn getting prepared for some painting. I’ve built up … More Art Dump #89

Art Dump #54

It’s the Sunday Art Dump on time and ready to go. This week we’ve got the final sculpt of the One Horn to show off. As promised I have finished the One Horn’s sculpt on the 21st (today). He isn’t decimated yet and nor is he combined into a single mesh but the actual details … More Art Dump #54

Art Dump #52

We’re back with the Art Dump for another week. No fancy pieces of finished art work this week I’m afraid. First up is a small facial study for the One Horn. The reason for it is because I’m trying to decide how to finish off the sculpt and at the moment his head has no … More Art Dump #52

Art Dump #49

We’re back with our latest art / renders here with the weekly Art Dump. This week we’ve got some more pretty renders of the One Horn as he fast approaches being done. Couple of things I’ve added recently (or since the last render): Fixed the shoulder strap and its interaction with the collar Added belt … More Art Dump #49

Art Dump #47

We’re back with the regular Art Dump. Now I expected to have a high res posed version of the One Horn ready but I have run into some troubles with the Transpose Master plugin in Zbrush and now I keep getting an error when I try to re-apply the posing to the high res subtools … More Art Dump #47

Weekly Update #67

Welcome back one and all to our latest weekly update post. First things first, how have we done on our goals from last week: As we only had the one goal last week, this list is going to be rather small. But that being said, progress on the One Horn sculpt is progressing well. All … More Weekly Update #67

Art Dump #45

On time, on schedule and not failing at blogging this week! We’re back with the Art Dump for the week that was. First up is a continuation of the One Horn Sculpting series. Below you can see my progress. I’ve retopologized all the parts you can see here, though I’m still working on the hand … More Art Dump #45