Weekly Update #250

Ahoy there all! Soooo while we had the best of intentions for this week, we ended up taking a few days break up at the in-laws life style block. It was a great break from our recent routines and Simon and I had various discussions about Faith & Flintlocks as well as our future Airships … More Weekly Update #250

Weekly Update #248

Howdy there dear readers and welcome back once again 😀 Another week and yet not much development this week unfortunately. However we’re here to look at the positives. The Vvou sculpt has continued to be tweaked and updated however because her shoulder hoop thingys are causing issues I never got on to finishing posing her, … More Weekly Update #248

Weekly Update #247

Ahoy there dear readers! Another week in paradise for you all I assume? This week we’ve been busy beavering away on various things. The rules have continued their slow march into a google doc and Simon has been trying to 3d print some more models to mixed success. Also Jono has been smashing it with … More Weekly Update #247

Weekly Update #246

Ahoy there once again! Another good week for getting stuff done 🙂  Aside from a bit more TTS we’ve also been discussing fluff and backstory which has been a bit neglected of late. Simon has also been continuing to progress the 3d models. I on the other hand have copied our rules into a google … More Weekly Update #246

Weekly Update #245

Ahoy there readers! Another week of lock-down here in NZ and even more Faith & Flintlocks development here at Grimwolden Games. Simon once again has been the powerhouse pushing through updates on the TTS (Tabletop Simulator) mod. It is looking super cool these days. All the latest cards are in along with the tokens and … More Weekly Update #245

Weekly Update #244

Welcome back friends! Another week of lockdown done and dusted. We’re now all settling into the weird routines that we’ve developed and that means scheduling in more Faith & Flintlocks dev time 😀 This week has been very productive with Simon smashing through several goals for us. He’s sorted all the tokens and terrain, though … More Weekly Update #244

Weekly Update #243

Ahoy there dearest readers! Another week of lockdown and we’re all slowly getting used to this new normal. Hopefully everyone is doing well and hasn’t lost their sanity yet 😀 This week Simon has been doing some outstanding work with the Token sets required for our reprint. So much so that they’re all done and … More Weekly Update #243

Weekly Update #242

Ahoy there dear readers! What a week! or at least for us folks down here in NZ. Now in lockdown and without much of a job to do it’s been a rough ride so unfortunately there hasn’t been too much development on Faith & Flintlocks. With that being said though Simon and I have both … More Weekly Update #242