Weekly updated for the 11th of June

No you’re not mistaken this is an actual on time weekly update! What are the odds!

So this week hasn’t been a super productive week but we’re still chugging along which is great. This week we:

  • Reviewed all the existing scenarios (11 of them) and either deleted them or updated them
  • Created two new scenarios
  • Updated the background information to reflect the current design

Most of those existing scenarios had been written last year and now that we have implemented an exploration deck that we are happy with the scenarios are mostly out of date. Or they were until now, dun dun dun!

Coming up on our workload this week:

  • Simon to finish the Drazz initial Zbrush sculpt
  • Myself to rough out an expanded image of the the current town layout
  • Find an acceptable new name for our main town and the actual Game.
  • Upload a Play Test post for our upcoming play test (tomorrow evening!!)
  • Go through and review any obsolete pages in our current wiki

On top of those I’ve been thinking that we need to start looking at getting our name, brand and game out in to the world, so I’ll probably be pondering that a bit during this up coming week. Also as a bonus, here’s another One Horn concept:

One Horn Concept 18

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