Weekly Update

On time and on schedule, the Weekly update for the 3rd of December rolls on in to the station.

This week has been better for both myself and Simon for getting to the all important Grimwolden Games work. And while we won’t be managing any playtests with outsiders this week (curse those people too busy working to play games!), we will be having a catch up game between Simon and myself tomorrow evening (Woo!). But on to what we managed to actually do this week:

  • The One Horn has had a number of iterations done of its face. All look rather cool and I’m fairly confident we’ll be picking the bits we like and moving on to the rest of the beast.
  • We have create 4 ready made gangs, all set up to exemplify each of the factions. Mimes are sneaky and fast, Cinder have massed firepower, Isogoreans are walking tanks, and the Hantu are a mixed bag of goodies with a side of ignoring death.
  • Faction blurbs have been reviewed and copied into the latest Rev of the Rule book.
  • The Rule book has had a review and a shuffle around.
  • Simon has been busy on the 3d printer churning out a print of the terrain piece I sculpted. He is also planning on printing some palisade walls he’s been playing with lately. Hopefully we can get some cool pictures up soon.

So some pretty sweet movement on goals this week. I’m feeling good that the One Horn will be coming along shortly (he’s well over due) and then I will be able to start looking probably at the Two Horn. As an interesting aside, when I was building the pre-made gangs it became apparent how much further our equipment deck still has to go. While I could pick out pieces that exemplified the factions theme, there were still pieces in there that were just meh and didn’t really add anything. So I believe we’ll have to go over some of those again, or maybe if we just come up with a bunch of new ones and compare them and prune away the ones that don’t add to the faction.

And now for our goals for the coming week:

  • Test the pre-made gangs during our play test tomorrow
  • Have a play-test with outsiders next week
  • Review the Website design guide
  • Review the Branding guide
  • Do some concept iteration on the One Horn’s hands
  • Start sculpting of the One Horn’s equipment
  • Stretch goals: reference cards reviewed, extra fluff written.

Here’s hoping for another solid week 🙂

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