Weekly update – 21st Jan

Back again with another development update. What have we been up to this week? Lets find out:

  • I have made a start on a zbrush sculpt of a One Horn musket. Unfortunately it didn’t make it very far due to a heavy 9-5 workload, but next week is looking slightly better for sculpting.
  • The Pups have continued to be doodled I believe
  • We have created a list on our wiki of potential kickstarter stretch goals. While doing this I spent some time being nosy at other people’s kickstarters, and I must say there are some fun looking games being pitched out there.
  • We have also lined up a meeting for tomorrow with our potential artist

Not a huge amount of progress but slow and steady wins the race, or so they tell us. So where are we aiming with our slow progress? Well what I think we should aim for over the next wee while (along with all the other aspects of the game) is more play testing, and if things aren’t ready for play testing then we should aim to make sure its all prepared. Though that is often easier said than done, especially with young ones that need looking after, wives to keep happy and regular 9-5 jobs to fit in there too. But hey, no one ever said this was going to be easy 😀

With that said, our goals for the next week:

  • Finish a Zbrush sculpt of a One Horn’s musket
  • Review reference cards
  • Clean up 2 scenarios
  • Double check status of our rulebook and update / review if required.
  • Stretch goals: get our branding information to our web people, logo concepts to designer people, extra fluff written, clean the rest of the 3d printed terrain.

Onwards and upwards 🙂

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