Art Dump #83

It’s Sunday and that means Art Dump day. Not too many things to show off this week, but I have tidied up a sketch and have found another interesting doodle from my recent sketchbook. First up is a clean up concept of the beast pulled ship idea we had. This time you can see how … More Art Dump #83

Weekly Update #103

The weekly update is back for another week. Not much sculpting work happening this week but mostly focusing on tidying other areas: The Vendettas have been added to our wiki and the cards. We can already see we’re going to have to make some slight changes to the Fate deck to get these to work … More Weekly Update #103

Art Dump #79

We’re back with Art Dump number 79, this week we’ve got some awesome concept sketches from Simon. So with a bit of time on his hands, Simon decided to have another pass at the Drazz. For a bit of reference this is our original rough test sculpt of him: As you can see he is … More Art Dump #79

Weekly Update #97

We’re back as per usual with our weekly development update. This week has been good but I’ve been mostly tied up with getting a model done for the Sketchfab monthly challenge I mentioned last week (and we’re nearly there!). But looking at our goals from last week we: Have put together (mostly put together) a … More Weekly Update #97

Art Dump #75

It’s art dump day! Welcome back. This week we’re going I’ve got a few concepts to run through for our entry into the sketchfab monthly challenge. So we’ve decided to roll with the Sarcos for the base mesh as we have a roughed out basic body of a Sarcos that we can use as a … More Art Dump #75

Art Dump #74

It’s Sunday and that means Art Dump day. As noted in our last update we haven’t really dived back into the 3d sculpting again yet, but I thought I’d put up a pic to remind you how far we’ve come so far. I meant to include Simon’s awesome Moschops sculpt but I couldn’t find the … More Art Dump #74

Art Dump #73

We’reĀ  back with the regular Art Dump. This week we’ve got more some more sketches and random doodles. On with the show! First up we continue on with more Shrubbers. This is just a quick doodle of one in mid stride. Up second is a rather nifty looking crab man creature. I quite like how … More Art Dump #73

Art Dump #63

This week on the Art Dump we’re back with some more concepts and cool images. Not a massive blog like last time but we’ve got two interesting concept pieces for your pleasure. First up is a concept picture of a Hantu gang could look like. I was thinking it could be cool to have an … More Art Dump #63

Art Dump #58

We’re back once again with the regular Art Dump! First up this week is a sketch I did while trying to get into the right mindset for sculpting the Two Horn. So far this sketch is closer than the sculpt as to how she’s meant to look >_< Up next in chronological order are my … More Art Dump #58

Art Dump #53

Welcome back to the Art Dump, this week we’ve got a few concept sketches and a pose study to look at. First up is a quick concept sketch of a strong looking female with a large and menacing axe. I was playing with the enlarged fore arms and interesting hair with this. Up second is … More Art Dump #53