Sunday Art Dump

Hello Hello and welcome back to the first Art Dump of 2016. I’d love to say that since its been so long I have a bumper supply of awesome drawings but truth be told I’ve only recently started refocusing on drawing specifically Faith & Flintlock related art…that and my drawings are mediocre at best haha. … More Sunday Art Dump

The Art Dump

Welcome to the Sunday Art Dump for the 13th of December. This week we’ve got an updated work in progress shot of the One Horn sculpt, some weapon concepts and some images of our 3d printed terrain trials. So on with the show. First up the work in progress shot. As you can see, he’s … More The Art Dump

The Art Dump

Its back again and only 1 day late, here’s the Art Dump for the 6th of December. First up this week I’ve got the follow up to the One Horn head shots from last week, this time its a whole page of head shots. I started from number one and then kept tweaking bits here … More The Art Dump

The Art Dump

Welcome to another Art Dump where we show off some of our latest doodles, sketches or sculpts. First up this week is the One Horn concept spread I forgot to show last week. After some discussion I took our leading contender and tried different gear arrangements. Some are perhaps a tad over equipped but  I … More The Art Dump

Art Dump 9th of Nov

Another Art Dump on a Monday…I hope this doesn’t become the norm! Though I’ve only got myself to blame for being late with the posting, naughty naughty. Haven’t been as proficient as I had hoped over the last week, and while I have half a dozen One Horn iterations they aren’t all worth sticking up. … More Art Dump 9th of Nov

Art Dump

Only one day later than usual but I’m sure it must still be Sunday somewhere in the world? First up is my second version of the One Horn concept outfits / equipment. For this we took ideas that worked from the first ones and added to them. We went with more of a Indiana Jones … More Art Dump