Weekly update – 29th Jan

Hello and welcome back once again. Apologies once again for the late update post but due to 9-5 deadlines and a young baby who takes up much of the rest of the time I was simply too knackered to write anything up haha. But that certainly doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy for the rest of the week though. So what have we done?

  • We meet with our artist to discuss the work and our designs, and it was awesome fun meeting people excited to help us.
  • We have reviewed and fixed up the reference cards
  • We have sent out our branding design brief as well as our web design brief to our friends for help
  • I have roughed a few logo concepts out
  • The 3d printed terrain has been cleaned and primed
  • The Zbrush sculpt of a musket turned into a CAD model of a musket to test modeling it in there instead. And I must say it was a relatively painless process.

Not bad all in all. I feel we made good steps this week to starting to actively divvy out work to other people that we have no time or talent for. This week I’m hoping to get further into the rules and perhaps the fluff again. As there is one particular facet that just isn’t gelling in my mind. So I’ll need to turn that over a few times and look at some options. All up our goals for next week are:

  • Finish bringing the musket CAD model through into Zbrush to detail
  • Re-review the rulebook
  • Get back to our artist with feedback
  • Work on the scenarios and exploration deck again
  • Stretch goals: extra fluff written, start rough model of the town, re-dive into some of the rules, review any outstanding items in the wiki



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