Art Dump #90

Welcome back to the weekly Art Dump once again. This week we’ve got some work in progress shots from the Ophidia sculpt and our new awesome banner! First up I did a quick silhouette shot of the big guy. The funny thing is his current silhouette is surprisingly close to some of our earliest silhouette … More Art Dump #90

Weekly Update #111

Welcome once again to another rousing round of our weekly update. This week we’ve been busy contemplating campaigns, website designs, character blurbs and more. On our done list this week: I have primed and started applying some colours to a Two Horn & One Horn model. I am by no means a top notch painter … More Weekly Update #111

Art Dump #89

It’s Sunday and that means time for our weekly Art Dump. This week we’ve got a mixed back of “art” to show off. It’s not the normal sketches or 3d we usually show here but below is a progress shot of the Two Horn and One Horn getting prepared for some painting. I’ve built up … More Art Dump #89

Art Dump #88

Welcome back to the weekly Art Dump! This week we’ve got some sketches of the Ophidia I did to try and understand how he was posed, his anatomy and his equipment . I find it’s handy to have as much reference as possible when sculpting so if that means drawing the character from multiple angles … More Art Dump #88

Weekly Update #109

Once again we return from our hiding places with our weekly update. This week has been both good and bad in terms of progress: We had a fantastic day on Tuesday of boardgames but more importantly, several hours of play testing Faith & Flintlocks. Our friends enjoyed it but boy oh boy did they come … More Weekly Update #109

Art Dump #87

Sunday Art Dump day! First up are some progress shots showing where we started with the Ophidia and where he is at now. As you can see he started as a rather lumpy mess, but is now showing some promise! Finally for this week is a super awesome test render Simon has done of the … More Art Dump #87

Weekly Update #108

Welcome back to this week’s dev blog. Once again we’ve been busy squeezing a few extra hours into Faith & Flintlocks development after work and between daddy duties. But what have we achieved this week: Simon has done more work on the Moschops, continuing to fix him up. I have started roughing out the Ophidia … More Weekly Update #108

Art Dump #86

We’re back as usual with some more cool pics on this week’s Art Dump. First up this week is an awesome Moschops render from Simon. This model is seriously looking great, he’s now got a face full of character, exaggerated features and a cool pose. I am really looking forward to getting this guy in … More Art Dump #86