Art Dump #98

It’s Sunday and that means Art Dump day! This week we haven’t got any cool work in progress shots, as we’ve both been a tad busy but Simon has produced some cool grey plastic renders of our current models. So let’s check them out! So there you go, some cool renders of some cool models … More Art Dump #98

Weekly Update #119

Hello and welcome back again to our weekly update. This week has been a blur for myself though Simon has managed to salvage the week producing some cool work. What we accomplished this week: The Ophidia has had some further work done on his head and muscles though neither is complete. The Fortune cards have … More Weekly Update #119

Art Dump #97

Once again the weekly Art Dump has rolled around and it’s time we show off some of our work! This week we’ve got some Moschops, Two Horn and Ophidia action. First up is the mighty Moschops who Simon is trying to push through so he can get back to his new favourite the Tyton. I … More Art Dump #97

Weekly Update #118

Welcome once again to our weekly update blog. This week we’ve got a few unexpected going ons and a few missed deadlines. First up what we’ve managed this week: The Tyton has had a change or two thanks to some new character art that we’ve had through from Matt our artist. Simon’s done a great … More Weekly Update #118

Art Dump #96

Welcome back once again to the weekly Art Dump. This week we’ve got a few shots from Simon’s progress on the new Tyton sculpt and an update from the Ophidia. First up is Simon’s Tyton work. This is his initial starting point, unfortunately he was a tad muscular for our idea of the Tyton. What … More Art Dump #96

Weekly Update #117

This week on the Weekly Update we’ve got some surprise sculpting from Simon, more progress on the Ophidia and even some rules work! It seems we’ve somehow managed a week of maximum effort, great work us! To break it down we: Finished all the belts, clasps and straps for the Ophidia. Filled all the awkward … More Weekly Update #117

Art Dump #95

This week on the Art Dump we’ve got some work in progress shots of the Ophidia. First up is a pic from earlier in the week with him showing off his new snazzy buckles on his shoulder straps. Next image shows some more details on his waist belt and some studs on the belt going … More Art Dump #95

Weekly Update #116

Hello and welcome back to another instalment of our weekly development blog. This week we’ve been busy with Zbrush, file tidying and wiki editing. For a more accurate list: I’ve been busy adding buckles, clasps and detail to the Ophidia. I did say I would be re doing the topology of the body but I … More Weekly Update #116

Art Dump #94

Welcome back to the weekly Art Dump! This week we’ve got a few sketches and an updated WIP for the Ophidia. So to start this blog off here is the aforementioned WIP for the Ophidia. As you can see he’s sporting some snazzy new straps / buckles on his left shoulder bag. I think they’ll … More Art Dump #94