Weekly Update #196

Welcome back once again dear readers to the weekly dev post. Unfortunately this week it’s going to be rather short and only slightly sweet. Due to a very minor surgery I was on a bit of light duties for the weekend that was, quickly followed by coming down with something (maybe a cold or over … More Weekly Update #196

Weekly Update #173

Hello dear readers! I’m posting this at a slightly later time (it’s actually early in the morning for me) due to the fact that last night after work I was just plain exhausted and so the desire to sleep was far stronger than the desire to blog. The week has been interesting but not outstandingly … More Weekly Update #173

Weekly Update #171

Welcome one and all back to our regular dev post. Progress has been good to average this week with another digital play test under our belts, the Shrubber completed and some more capturing of notes and updates from the play tests. After the success of last week’s play test, Simon and I scheduled another to … More Weekly Update #171

Weekly Update #170

Ahoy there, Weekly Dev post ahead! All hands on deck. This week we’ve been busy working doing this that and the other. As you can see below the wee little Shrubber is basically all done. I’ve sharpened up some of the details and moved his shillelagh to under his hand and tightened the grip. Only thing … More Weekly Update #170

Weekly Update #161

Welcome once again to the weekly dev blog. This week we’ve been chugging along nicely with work on the Shrubber and rules. As I mentioned last week my intention was to finish the belt and that is now done with some ammo pouches added to the belt…though I’ll have to be careful not to cover … More Weekly Update #161

Weekly Update #158

Hello and welcome back once again. This week we’ve actually been busy on Faith & Flintlocks! woohoo! We’ve: Re-posed the Shrubber slightly. Roughed out his legs and shoes. Simon has been playing with creating procedural leaves to speed up leaf placement We’ve also been discussing changes to the rulebook, flat pack terrain and reviewing some … More Weekly Update #158

Weekly Update #153

Welcome back to another dev post for Faith & Flintlocks. This week has been much kinder to me…still haven’t had a lot of free time but the little bits I’ve scrapped together I’ve at least managed to use constructively. I have been busy working on the Shrubber’s weapon. It is now looking quite tidy, though … More Weekly Update #153

Weekly Update #152

Hello and welcome back to the weekly Dev post. This week has unfortunately been a complete write off for me! I only started to recover from my stomach bug on Monday and then the rest of the week was spent catching up at work and finishing recovery 😦 Which means I did bugger all…luckily Simon … More Weekly Update #152