Weekly Update #75

Wait, it’s already Thursday? And what a Thursday I’ve had…..12 hours at work, meetings, last minute requests and urgent deadlines. You know, the usual ;p But obviously you didn’t come here to hear me talk about my day job, so lets get down to business with what we’ve been up to for the last week: … More Weekly Update #75

Weekly Update #74

It’s that time again! We’re back with our weekly update. Another busy week has come and gone, my work has been far too busy for my liking and I believe Simon has had similar issues with freeing up time. Also I have come to the conclusion that I am either very bad at estimating how … More Weekly Update #74

Weekly Update #73

Welcome back to our regular weekly progress update. This week started well for myself and Simon, but with my young daughter coming down with a fever and Simon’s little girl also getting sick it seems it’s not ending on a high note ;pĀ  But as I mentioned we started the week well with much sculpting … More Weekly Update #73

Weekly Update #72

It’s back and only 1 day late at that! Welcome back to the weekly update here at Grimwolden Games. This week has been really good for us and though we haven’t done an outstanding amount of work, we have managed a catch up and organised our next goals. So what exactly have we done? The … More Weekly Update #72

Weekly Update #71

The week is nearly done and it is once again time for the weekly update. So what have we been up to over the last week? The One Horn’s pose is set. The small details have started to fall into place (belt loops added, pouches and satchels in rough positions, etc). Still need to get … More Weekly Update #71

Weekly Update #70

We’re back again, continuing to soldier on šŸ™‚ So its been a mixed bag of a week. Some good days of work and some days where I just couldn’t find the time to even turn the laptop on. The good new is: We’ve basically locked down the basic pose for the One Horn and now … More Weekly Update #70

Weekly Update #69

Hello hello and welcome back to our normal Thursday update. I have to say that the last week was a bit a of a write-off with regards to Grimwolden work. But we’ve slowly been getting back on the horse this week and will have some cool update pics ready for the usual Sunday art dump. … More Weekly Update #69

Weekly Update #67

Welcome back one and all to our latest weekly update post. First things first, how have we done on our goals from last week: As we only had the one goal last week, this list is going to be rather small. But that being said, progress on the One Horn sculpt is progressing well. All … More Weekly Update #67

Weekly Update #65

Welcome back one and all to another weekly update. I’ve been slowly getting back into the 3d sculpting groove and trying to find time to fit it into the daily schedule. I find if you don’t do it everyday then you lose focus, get rusty and stuff just slowly grinds to a halt. To help … More Weekly Update #65

Weekly Update #64

Here comes the Weekly Update hot off the press. So what was looking like a quiet week for myself in fact turned out to be slightly busy week at work dealing with engineers, drawings and other such fun šŸ˜¦ But on the bright side we’ve still managed to make some progress: I have started reworking … More Weekly Update #64