Hi, hello and howdy. We’re back again with our weekly developers update. First up its been a busy working week as per the norm for the last few weeks 😦 I seriously can’t believe its not Friday yet! Bring on the weekend! But at least we still managed some Grimwolden Games work in between work, … More WEEKLY UPDATE #61

Weekly Update #59

Holy moly where did the week disappear to? Many many apologies to you all for missing the usual Thursday update but my brain was fried yesterday after a 12+ hour day at work (woo crunch time yay -_-). But enough excuses from me, lets have a look at how our development has gone this week: … More Weekly Update #59


Another week of fun is done and we’re back to report on our progress. Progress has been steady this week which isn’t the most exciting thing to say but better than saying we did jack all :p . Also, it turns out that coming up with concepts for melee weapons (swords, spears and what not) … More WEEKLY UPDATE #58

Weekly Update #57

Hello hello and welcome back all to our latest weekly development update. This week we haven’t managed much in terms of gameplay development but the art and concept side has been chugging along strong. Completed this week: We have locked down the Tyton’s weapon concept Locked down the Elder’s weapon concept Finally nailed the Wou’s … More Weekly Update #57

Weekly Update #56

Welcome back guys and gals for another weekly update. First up, what have we achieved this week: The Isogorean’s pre-canned gang have had another pass to strengthen their theme and feel. The Tyton’s weapon has had further development but is proving slightly tougher than the rest to nail down. The Elder’s weapon is mostly locked … More Weekly Update #56

Weekly Update

Once again we’re back at Thursday for the weekly update. Before I get into the update I was wondering do you think its worth numbering these updates (weekly update #20, or episode 24 of the weekly updates, or some other cool name for it) so we can easily search them, can differentiate between them or … More Weekly Update

The Weekly Update

Another week bites the dust and we’ve even managed a play test and meet up to boot! Last Friday we were able to spend the evening playing through a scenario and discussing many of the problems areas we’re having with the game at the moment. It was great, the game was fun and good times … More The Weekly Update

The Weekly Update

Once again we’ve arrived back at Thursday so its time for another exciting instalment of our regular developers update. Success! I have finished the ‘How to draw X character’ documents. It took me all week due a tight deadline at work but in the end its done and dusted. It was quite interesting making these … More The Weekly Update

Weekly Update

Once again we’re back with our weekly developers update. Its been a busy week…mostly busy with life’s normal chores unfortunately but we’ve still pressed on where possible. The result of this is our list is looking a little less impressive than normal. So what did we manage to achieve? We completed and finalized a weapon … More Weekly Update