Weekly Update #157

Welcome back readers We’re almost back to normal operations after some less than stellar weeks. As Simon mentioned last week I had some family issues but now everyone is back and feeling much better (or as well as can be). That combined with some crippling deadlines for work projects meant that my free time for … More Weekly Update #157

Weekly Update #155

Another Thursday and that means it’s time once again to take a peak at our progress from the week that was: The Shrubber’s hat is finished enough for now…or at least until we do a test print. The Shrubber’s hands have had a rough pass and they are looking cool and much more wooden/gnarled I’ve … More Weekly Update #155

Weekly Update #147

Welcome back once again to our Weekly Dev blog where we dive into the week that was. This week has been an interesting one and a slightly hectic one for myself due to my wife giving birth to our latest addition to our family. Which is awesome and fantastic but not conductive for working. But … More Weekly Update #147

Weekly Update #137

Welcome back to the latest weekly dev post. Getting straight into our list of what we achieved for the week that was: Simon has started posing work on the Tyton (and he is looking rather sharp!). Simon has also been tempted into starting some blocking and rough concepting of the Peregryn. The Sarcos has had … More Weekly Update #137

Weekly Update #132

Hi there and welcome back to the regular Dev Blog. Work has been progressing at a steady pace this week: Simon has been busy prepping stuff for Tabletop Simulator. He now has a 3 foot table set up with 1/2 foot boarder around it and a texture that gives everything else a sense of scale. … More Weekly Update #132

Weekly Update #131

We’re back once again with the Weekly Dev blog. Apologies for the lack of an Art Dump on the Sunday just been, but unfortunately we didn’t really have any new or interesting shots to share. As for our progress this week, it’s been good so far and we’ve been steadily progressing. The Ophidia has had … More Weekly Update #131

Weekly Update #128

Welcome back once again to the weekly dev blog. This week has been rather productive for both of us and we’re hopefully looking at a play test next week sometime. What we achieved this past week: I have gone through and sharpened up the detail on the Ophidia’s spines, fins, muscles and joints. Still want … More Weekly Update #128

Weekly Update #127

We’re back once again with the Weekly Update. First things first, let’s have a look at what we achieved this week: I’ve tidied up the Ophidia’s giant claws and have retopologized his main body. I’ve also tweaked his fins / spines again after some further feedback from Simon. We’ve had a look through the current … More Weekly Update #127

Weekly Update #123

We return once again with our weekly Dev update. This week there has actually been some work done! Huzzah! I have started back on the Ophidia’s anatomy and his muscles are really bugging me at the moment. So I’m looking through lots of reference pictures to make sure I nail it, as the Ophidia doesn’t … More Weekly Update #123